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Ammex Rental is a specialist excavator hire company committed to providing clients with world-class machines and outstanding service. Founder Aidan Murray brings over twenty years experience in plant hire and the machine maintenance industry with a premium fleet portfolio of mini diggers, dumpers and rollers selected from the best manufacturers worldwide, including Terex, Takeuchi, Kubota and Hamm.

Ammex Rental also hires digger accessories including rock breakers and stone rakes.


The Ammex Rental fleet is super-serviced by a dedicated team and has built a solid reputation in hiring trouble-free machinery. Ammex Rental takes pride in delivering quality-checked machines on time, in quick response to clients’ requirements. This has firmly established Ammex Rental as one of Ireland’s fastest growing plant hire and equipment suppliers.

Please contact us if you have any queries. We will be happy to give you expert advice on what is the right equipment for your specifications.

Ammex Rental delivers machinery to Dublin and nationwide.

Mini Digger Hire

Ammex are your choice for mini digger hire. Our range of mini diggers make excavating in limited spaces easy. We only deal with the best brands including Kubota, Takeuchi and Yanmar. With these powerful machines, you can dig comfortably and safely.

Diggers come in all shapes and sizes. We specialize in mini diggers and we are proud of our compact machines. These diggers are incredibly efficient. We work hard to maintain this efficiency so that you get maximum benefit out of your digger. We guarantee the best possible performance from your machine. We know our mini excavators better than anyone and to prove it here is a brief history of the machine as well as an overview of the different elements that it is made up of.

One of the first excavators ever built was a loader unit on a Dodge 4 by 4 chassis made by French Company, Poclain, in 1948. Poclain was a family run company founded in 1927 by Georges Bataille and passed on to his sons, Pierre and Claude Bataille. In 1951 they produced the TU, a hydraulic excavator which was built on a two-wheeled trailer and powered from the towing tractor. After selling 1,000 machines, a new digger was launched in 1956, the TO. With continued success, the company moved into the German market in 1961. The TY45 was a revolutionary design introduced in the same year. It was made up of a 360 degree rotating excavator on a three wheeled tricycle undercarriage. By 1982 over 30,000 had been built. In 1974, the brothers were forced to sell the company to Case, an American firm, except for the hydraulics division which is still selling today.

Another big name in the history of hydraulic excavators is Gradall. The brothers Ray and Koop Ferwerda of Cleveland, Ohio, invented the first Gradall tractor in 1941. They created a telescoping boom excavator which was mounted on a truck, the first of its kind. The brothers were originally from Holland, moving to the U.S. to become partners in a highway contracting firm. Because so many men left the country to join the war effort in the early 1940s, the brothers were forced to invent a machine that could perform slope grading work. They designed a tractor mounted excavator which had two beams that rested on a rotating platform and a telescopic cylinder that moved the beams forward and back, producing the excavation motion.

So, what does a typical mini digger hire consist of?

The arm of the hydraulic excavator is made up of two hydraulic cylinders, a bucket and a boom, which are located on the upper part of the arm. Just like a human arm, it moves in two parts, at the wrist and elbow. Inside the cylinder is a rod and a piston. Oil is pumped through the end of the piston and in turn pushes the rod through the cylinder, creating movement at one or both parts of the arm. The arm is manipulated by controlling the amount of oil that passes through a valve.

The operator of the digger sits in the house but it also contains the engine, hydraulic pump and distribution components. The house is attached to the under carriage via a swing bearing. It can freely rotate on the undercarriage due to a distribution valve which supplies oil to the components of the undercarriage.

The undercarriage supports the house structure and is made of rubber or steel tracks, drive sprockets, rollers, idlers and other components.

The independent boom swing’s purpose is to offset digging around obstacles or along foundations, walls or forms. It is also used for cycling in areas too narrow for cab rotation. The boom swing is one of the most advantageous features of the mini excavator.

At Ammex, we know our machines. Our expertise is built from decades of experience working in the construction plant industry. We use this knowledge to select only the very best excavators from the finest manufacturers, as well as maintain them for absolute maximum performance. Hire from us and you can be confident that you are getting an excavator that perfectly suits your needs and is of the highest quality, as well as a team that will support you throughout the entire dig. Contact Ammex today and we can talk about exactly what it is we can do for you.

Our Plant Hire Machines

At Ammex we are proud to offer a broad range of compact diggers, dumpers and rollers for hire from the very best brands including Terex, Hamm, Kobuta and Takeuchi. Ammex founder, Aidan Murray, has selected these manufacturers after working for over twenty years in the plant hire industry as a maintenance technician. In that time, he has learned what brands are reliable and what brands are less so. He has gained an intimate knowledge of plant hire machines and has selected only the best to become part of the Ammex fleet.

All of our diggers, dumpers and rollers are of superior build quality and we keep them maintained to the very highest standards so that you will get the absolute maximum performance out of your machine. We guarantee a smooth, trouble free operation whether you are hiring a digger, dumper or roller.

Our range of compact machines ensures that you will get plant hire that is exactly suited to your needs. If you have a particular machine in mind and you don’t see it here, make sure you contact us as we are constantly adding to our fleet.

We specialize in compact machines so if you are working on a small site with limited space and manoeuvrability we can deliver the right solution, be it mini digger hire, dumper hire or roller hire. Our plant hire fleet abounds with special features which makes them ideal for working in restricted conditions. They are also chosen for the level of comfort and safety for the operator they offer. We take on only those machines which offer the highest standards.

At Ammex we are also conscientious about the environment. It’s something we take seriously. All our oil waste goes to a hazardous waste contractor for recycling and every new addition to our fleet meets emission and noise requirements for health and safety.

So, take a look at our range of machines. Whether it is min digger hire, dumper hire or roller hire you are looking for we are confident you will find it here and, if you don’t, get in contact anyway as we have many more machines for hire and we can talk about your specific plant hire needs and requirements. Remember, we specialize in compact machines so we know more about them than other plant hire companies. Trust us and you will get a machine that runs smoothly and safely. Ours is a young company but it is built on over twenty years of experience working in the plant hire industry. So, make the call today and we will take good care of you.